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Prague, Kutna Hora, Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov

all seasons in one day 14 °C

We are on the bus right now from Prague to Budapest. I haven't ridden a Greyhound bus in years and they may have the same amenities but having WiFi, movies and drink service on a long bus trip is great. And I think there's even a bathroom! So settling in for 7 hours.... We tried to rent a car to take to Hungary but although rental cars are cheap here the drop charges are crazy. And we wouldn't be allowed to take a car into Romania or Bulgaria anyway. So if you hear it's easy to rent a car in one European city and drop in another, have a closer look!

Prague is as beautiful as everyone says it is. None off the architecture we have seen so far compares to this city. This is the only place where we rented an air bnb and the old apartment was centrally located near the old town and on a tramline. We were able to navigate easily and sometimes for free (quick 3 stop ride to the bus today - buy ticket - hmmm no!). We spent the first day walking around a part of the old town. Beautiful buildings were everywhere. We ate at a local franchise called Lokal and it turned out to be the best food throughout our stay except for a great vegetarian meal last night in Cesky Krumlov. We attended a chamber orchestra performance in a historic Spanish style synagogue before the end of our first night. On Thursday we took the transit to Kutna Hora, site of the famous bone church or ossuary. But don't bother asking a local person where to find this! As it is the most famous thing as about this town we were somewhat confused when 4 different shopkeepers scratched their heads in confusion. Never heard of it! We found it and it was pretty neat although we still aren't sure why a blind monk started making piles out of skulls in the 16th century. We took a train back to Prague as the bus ride there was long and uncomfortable. On Friday we rented a car for the next 3 days and headed toward Karlovy Vary to go to the Moser glass factory. This factory still produces handblown and hand decorated glass. We caught the last tour and really were impressed with what we saw. Kellie really wanted to buy some glassware but it was cost prohibitive. Later she googled the glass on e-bay and found she can buy some cheaper at home if she wants. Glad she didn't buy and ship! We must now talk about the world's worst servers at a restaurant. In Karlovy Vary we went into a restaurant where 2 female servers were sitting eating at a table. They motioned for us to sit down at one of 2 tables. We could already tell their was mega attitude coming our way. One had a black eye, likely from a previous customer! Kellie's beer was slammed down so hard it spilled. Long story short we ate quickly and warned other diners off and gave a terrible review on trip advisor. Most rude and disrespectful people we have ever met. We figured that 70 % of the Czechs we met were pretty stand offish.

On Saturday we had planned to go to Castle Karlstejn and a monastery brewery in business since 933 but we wound up walking around more of the old town instead. On Sunday we ventured to the castle before heading south to Cesky Krumlov but we got lost (driving around and through Prague is very difficult without nav) so by the time we arrived we didn't have time for the tour. And we got in trouble from the police again because I had to pick Kellie up on a side road (no tourists allowed) due to her knee. Aargh! On to Cesky Krumlov - the famous picturesque village in southern Czech republic. I forgot to mention that the temperature when we arrived in Prague was 29C and humid but by day 3 it was pouring rain and 10C. We were freezing in Cesky Krumlov but what a lovely place.

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