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The promised video cannot be delivered - yet. Finally excellent, uninterrupted WiFi and now device issues. I must have overtaxed my poor android phone the other night. After each video was loaded to my phone I would upload to YouTube and delete from my phone. That is what is time consuming. But two nights ago when I tried to load snorkeling footage, I got error messages - no go. And the tablet will download the video but won't upload to YouTube. Yesterday morning my phone started sending up all these messages like - what's app, email, messenger, Facebook shutting down. I have continually deleleted photos, videos, cached data to no avail. Storage is full, systems may not operate. So since this has been happening often I took my brother's advice, "Shell you're in tech central over there, surely someone can help you with your phone", and went to an actual Samsung phone shop down the street. Ha, one hour later and several attempts gained me a bit of storage and a new SD card which I probably didn't need. Now I can take photos but I can't find them. My settings keep shutting down. So I am afraid any more pictures and videos will have to wait.

I have seen parrotfish the size of large koi in colors ranging from turquoise through red and lavender. Hundreds of Picasso trigger fish, some aggressive and some not. Angel fish, damsel fish, wrasses and eels. Even an octopus! The soft and stony corals are making a comeback here after a bleaching event some years ago. Murphy's law - should have taken the footage day one as that was the clearest and calmest of my days here. The second night a huge thunderstorm tore through for hours and behind it followed winds that have churned up the surf. Good snorkeling still but need both hands to swim so gopro difficult to use. The wind has also hampered my ability to get out with a local on his catamaran for snorkeling further out. Should have taken him up day one. We will see if we can get out tomorrow morning.

The people here are very friendly and the food is scrumptious. I have recovered from my Nepal belly enough to have had three good meals. I found Kellie's son Quinn some tea he was after and sure hope it's not a disappointment! My kind hostess is taking me out to visit a fort soon so I will continue writing after. Well I am back from seeing Galle and a nice dinner out with Ganga. Galle is far more touristy and beautiful in its own right. At various times in history Sri Lanka has been occupied by the Dutch and Portuguese. And the fortification wall along the ocean is all that is left of a larger settlement built in the late 1500s by the Portuguese. It was added to in the 1700s by the Dutch. The Dutch even returned to Sri Lanka in the 1950s after the British finally left. Now Ganga, lovely as she is, seems to be a nervous driver. She dropped me off at the beach on day one and that's kind of why I forgot my waterproof case - I wasn't expecting a ride but she was heading to work so I quickly got my bag together and left. I noticed that she seemed unsure and nervous that morning. Well today a half hour drive and an inability to parallel park really had me curious. Ganga confessed that she only learned to drive four months ago, with one week of lessons from the driver who picked me up Monday. And no she doesn't have a license, nor do many here! And she has this brand new hybrid car with all the bells and whistles including a back up camera! When we got home after dinner, her daughter, niece and I tried to help her back into the driveway and we all just about peed ourselves, including Ganga, as she tried over and over to back in straight. Needless to say, I am glad the driver is taking me back to the airport Sunday!

Sri Lanka is well worth a visit. Although Kellie and I had planned on two weeks, both here and other areas, someone would do well to spend three weeks here at least to see as much as possible. Prices are cheap for quality lodging, food and products. I cut a week off to go back to Tanzania and must say that more time would have been nice. As with Africa and India, distances are great and often the infrastructure just isn't there to support quick travel. But of the three places, Sri Lanka is far and away the winner with more modern highways, superior housing, etc. Except that the gas stations are only open certain days and hours because they rely on the petrol ship to bring petrol from the middle East. Always a shortage there. But otherwise, it's a great island.

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Superb Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa reef

sunny 37 °C

Well made it to Hikkaduwa on Sri Lanka last night after a three and a half hour plane ride and a two and a half hour transfer from the airport in Colombo. All this with the dreaded traveler's diarrhea which I suspected was starting on the way to Kathmandu. I really knew I had it when I arrived in Delhi the other night. Wow, can't blame this on India (Delhi belly)! Must have been Nepal. One night there I started brushing my teeth with bottled water but for some reason finished with tap. But really it could have been anything there. Anyway I started the antibiotics and have only one more pill tonight on this course and it's still not resolved. But I feel better than I did. You really notice the line up on the plane for the bathroom when you have this. Even though I was at the back, after the meal was finished every one of the 85 Sri Lankans with a tour group returning from India got up en masse to line up. Then when yours truly needed to go we hit turbulence and had to stay seated. But if I really needed to go I sure would have....

Hikkaduwa is a marine protected coral reef on the southeast side of the island. We had picked this area for a week of snorkeling. The hosts at Residence Chanty are lovely and I have the whole place to myself. It's by far the nicest place we picked (I just adjusted the dates). This morning I spent hours at the beach before coming back to download from the gopro because it also has excellent WiFi. I am not supposed to say how the snorkeling is so I won't but you can see new footage once I take some tomorrow. Forgot the waterproof case in my stupor this morning.

In the meantime enjoy these random videos I have managed to upload. I am not putting them in their respective blogs because I am now tired of doing them. And I accidentally deleted the only one I had on the raft!

Leaving Nepalganj for Kathmandu

Leaving Nepalganj for Kathmandu


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